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How To Choose Your Bathroom Mirror

A mirror can completely transform any bathroom from small cloakroom spaces to large, luxury ensuites so it's important to make the correct choice for your room. Explore our bathroom designer's top tips below to find out which bathroom mirror is most suitable for your space.


matt black round illuminated bathroom mirror on black strap

There are a huge variety of mirrors available now in all shapes and sizes, it is important to ensure your mirror matches the style of your new bathroom design. If you have quite a plain tile or wall then go for a unique mirror with a splash of colour to brighten up the wall or if you have a very busy patterned tile then perhaps go for a large, plain mirror to simplify the space. If you're looking for a modern style then frameless mirrors are the most popular at the moment.

Modern functionality

illuminated bathroom mirror on grey tiled wall

There is a whole host of modern technology available in mirrors now including Bluetooth connectivity. If you like to listen to the news or music while you get ready in the morning then this type of mirror is for you! Many mirrors also come equipped with demister pads and integrated charging or shaver sockets.

Prime position

white marble bathroom with aqualla linea plus mirror

The position of your mirror is essential to how it will affect the style of your bathroom and how functional it will be. If you have a large empty space perhaps turn the mirror landscape instead of portrait to take up more room. Or you can even change the shape of the mirror to fit a smaller space so it isn't over powering.

Light it up

large illuminated HiB bathroom mirror in modern bathroom

The addition of an illuminated mirror in a bathroom can transform the entire space. If you have a small room an illuminated mirror can help make the room appear more spacious. This can also be a great addition to lighten a bathroom with dark tiles and accessories. There are plenty of options including fully lit circular mirrors and back lit mirrors.


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