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How To Choose The Colour Of Your New Bathroom

When decorating any room, it can be difficult to know where to start. From bold and bright colours to cool, relaxing tones and dark hues, there is so much to choose from, making it difficult to come up with your own bathroom colour ideas.

While the colour of the bathroom is often decided by the colour of the tiles and the fittings, there is still a lot to choose between. The first thing to do is consider the look you want to achieve; this will make picking bathroom colours less daunting.

Create a mood board

Compile a project board of images you like and show these to your designer. Once you have an idea of where you want to go with the bathroom, pick all the colours you like. This will provide you with a starting point, from which you can narrow down to a few options.

Colour Wheel

Colour schemes aren’t just picked out of a hat you know. There is something of a science behind knowing which bathroom colours will work together. By getting your hands on a colour wheel, you’ll be able to see how the colours interact with each other. This might help narrow down your choice when it comes to bathroom colour ideas.

Mixing Neutrals

If you like the idea of calming and relaxing room, neutrals are a good way to go, but there are still some rules of distribution. Never just opt for one colour, this will make the room seem bland and boring. Instead, try mixing 2 neutrals, such as blue and white or grey and blue.

Rule of 3

This colour guideline will really help when choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom. Choose 3 bathroom colours that work together and use the 70-20-10 distribution rule. So, the lightest colour will cover around 70% of the décor, then the next 20% and the boldest, 10%.

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