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How to choose a bathroom vanity unit?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A basin/storage hybrid is often more than the sum of its parts: plan it well and it can be both functional and beautiful. From considering the storage configuration to identifying the best countertop, here’s how to choose or design a vanity unit that repays your efforts and works hard for your money.

dark wooden vanity unit with white basin

Should I choose a floorstanding or wall-mounted vanity unit?

A wall mounted unit leaves the floor space free and creates the optical illusion of a bigger bathroom. However a wall-hung unit will be smaller than its floorstanding equivalent, so will feel lighter. It can also be styled and streamlined to look like part of the wall, rather than a standalone item.

wooden bathroom vanity unit and storage

What’s best for storage – drawers, shelves or cupboards?

In bathrooms, full-width drawers can suit smaller vanity units. Alternatively, go for lots of smaller drawers in a bigger unit. Some vanity ranges have a deep drawer at the bottom for heavier or bulkier items and one or two shallow drawers at the top so you can store items lying down. Look for dividers and inserts to split up the storage space and keep things in their place.

grey bathroom vanity unit and round mirror

How do I choose a design for a small bathroom?

Work with the shape of your bathroom to maximise space where its available. In reality, bathrooms might only be small in one direction – long and narrow, for example – but many space-saving basins are small in both width and projection. A curved design can work well in a small space. If you have to walk past it, then a curved front will make it easier to pass and is less likely to cause ‘ouch’ moments than some sleek, angular structure.

double vanity unit in modern white bathroom design stirling

Should I choose a countertop or undermounted basin?

An important factor to consider when choosing between a countertop or undermounted basin is cleaning. Many clients find that, while surface-standing bowls look beautiful, they can be more tricky to clean than sleek and pared-back undermounted basins.If you have a shallow unit, a countertop bowl could be a good option. They work better with shorter projecting vanities than slabtop styles (where the basin and countertop are an all-in-one piece) or undermounted basins.

modern wooden bathroom design in Stirling

How do I light up my vanity unit?

Carefully thought-out lighting and decorative finishing touches can have a transformative effect on the feel of a bathroom. Adding beautiful pendant or wall lights above a vanity unit as well as a gorgeous mirror creates the biggest impact. Ensure lighting near the vanity unit has the correct IP rating and is safe for use in bathrooms. Also consider putting it on a separate switch to the main downlights to give you two lighting options in the room.

Here at Bathroom & Kitchen Planet we have a wide range of high quality vanity units to view in our showroom. Pop along to see them and chat to our bathroom designer!

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