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How Much Of My Bathroom Should I Tile?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Where should you put the tiles in your bathroom? All over? Just around the shower? Amid the array of choices to be made when renovating a bathroom, this is one of those that could really affect the cost of your project, since tiling is a highly skilled job. Equally, it can make or break the look of your finished room.

There are many ways you can tile a bathroom - take a look below to see some ideas:

green bathroom tiles with marble sink

The correct tiles can finish off a bathroom perfectly. There are so many tile options available now ranging from plain, bold colours to extravagant patterns. The tiles can have effect on the room itself because it can help to make the room look smaller or bigger just by the tiles you have chosen.

collinsons tiles monochrome pattern in bathroom

You can mix and match tiles! Don't be afraid to pick more than one tile for your space and take advantage of large spaces for patterns. Here the designer has complemented a large plain tile with a very busy, patterned tile for the shower.

modern bathroom design with blue tiles

If you want a harmonious look, you may want to use the same tiles on the walls and floor. This look can be particularly dramatic if you choose a bold colour or pattern.

modern contemporary bathroom design

What size tiles you pick very much depends on the impact you want them to have in your room. If you’re looking to make a room appear larger then bigger tiles are better. Small, mosaic styles are ideal if you’re tiling a surface that may not be perfectly straight. Square tiles are great in modern home but if you live in a period property with wonky walls, you may want to pick one with an irregular shape.

We have a fantastic selection of tiles in our showroom - pop down today and chat with our bathroom designer.

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