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How Can I Plan The Perfect Kitchen Storage?

A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home and often has to fulfil the most requirements. From family dining to washing up, the kitchen has to be adaptable for work, eating and relaxing. For all of this to happen smoothly your kitchen storage is one of the most important factors when designing your new space. We've brought together some of the best kitchen storage planning advice for you below.

Before anything else, determine your needs

Traditional cream kitchen with island and build in appliances.

Before choosing your storage think about how you will use your kitchen and what you need from it. Do you cook a lot and have a lot of cooking ingredients and utensils? Or perhaps you use your kitchen for entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties so therefore will require more of a social area than storage around the island. Take a look at the storage you currently have and decide what you can't live without and anything extra you require.

Make use of every space

Luxury grey and black Schuller kitchen design with large wooden breakfast bar.

Not all storage has to be deep cupboards or drawers to help in the kitchen. Consider all available space including wall space for hanging rails or spice racks. If you have space a tall pull out larder is an excellent storage option for storing fresh food or jars. By incorporating some clever storage solutions such as Schuller's corner cabinet with pull out storage for awkward pots and pans.

Organised Drawers

Wooden drawer organiser in white kitchen drawer.

Having a good mix of drawers and cupboards is essential for clever kitchen storage. Drawers are more accessible and can be kept more organised. Thanks to the help of clever storage solutions from Schuller you can organise each drawer to suit your needs. From a plate holder to wooden storage boxes there are many options to keep your drawers clutter free and accessible.

Integrate your bins

Integrated recycling bin system in kitchen cupboard.

Integrating your bins into your kitchen design is a great storage solution and keeps your kitchen rubbish free and aesthetically pleasing. Flexible bins help with storing waste and recyclable materials – This way, everything is perfectly sorted and ready to take away. Some people need more bin space than others – for example, if you’re a big family you may consider utilising some cupboard space for large rubbish bins.

Extra larder storage

Beige Schuller kitchen pull out larder with storage shelves.

A fantastic space saving storage solution for any size or style of kitchen is a pull out larder. They are hidden away and can come full or half height making them the perfect addition to a thin, awkward space in your kitchen. Ideal for storing food, spices or jars keeping them off of worktops and hidden away.

Contact our expert kitchen designer and let them design your ideal kitchen storage solutions for your new space -


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