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How Can I Make My Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

With many homeowners looking to create a tranquil, relaxing space within their home we are turning towards creating a spa like bathroom space. If you are looking to transform your bathroom into a space for indulgence and relaxation, check out these top tips.

Surround yourself with plants

luxury spa bathroom design with plants

Adding foliage to your bathroom brings colour and provides something lovely to look at. This also has the added bonus of bringing oxygen into the room. A lot of modern spas will use natural foliage inside to help create a natural, calm atmosphere and this can be re-created in your bathroom by adding a few simple plants around the bathtub or if you lack floor space on shelving or hanging from the ceiling.

Luxury Bathtub

bespoke white freestanding bathtub with brushed brass bath filler

Add the ultimate relaxation tool to your bathroom by choosing a luxury freestanding bathtub. Nothing says relax quite like a large, comfortable tub as the centrepiece to your space. There are a variety of freestanding bathtub options on the market now from sleek modern tubs to traditional, clawfoot bathtubs. Enjoy your spa like bathroom by going for a long soak in your new bathtub and admiring your new, peaceful space.

Use wood for a softer look

natural wood bathroom design in Stirling

For a truly natural, spa feel, make sure to use light wooden surfaces. The gentle grain and colour looks fantastic beside white sanitaryware and can help make a bathroom feel more cosy. Many spas have a Scandinavian vibe and light wooden elements will bring this vibe into your bathroom. Try to include wooden wall panelling, wooden vanity units or even wooden accessories such as a robe hook.

Floral design

walk in shower with floral tiles

The stylish addition of floral pattern can take your bathroom design to the next level by adding colour, pattern and character to your room. These areas can be fabulous centre pieces around the bath and shower area or even act as a stylish splashback behind the basin. Bringing an element of nature into the bathroom space brings a peaceful and calm atmosphere similar to a spa.

Stock up on luxurious essentials

wooden bathroom vanity unit with white sit on basin and matt black basin mixer

One of the most memorable things about a spa trip is the smells and toiletries. Complete your spa like bathroom space by adding some luxurious shampoos, soaps and fragrances for you and your guests to enjoy. Consider how the bottle will look in your room and choose something that fits in with the luxury, spa feel of your new space.

If you are considering re-vamping your bathroom we would love to help! Contact our expert bathroom designers today -


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