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6 Things to Consider to Create Your Perfect Shower

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The options are endless when choosing a new shower space, we've put together a list of 6 things to consider when creating your new shower:

The size of your shower

Crosswater Gallery 10 Brushed Brass Walk-In Glass Corner Enclosure

If you’re renovating an existing shower space and aren’t planning to expand, the size of your shower is predetermined. But if you’re building a new home or tearing your bathroom down to the studs, you’ll have to determine the best size for your space. Minimum shower tray sizes in the UK are around the 800mm x 800mm mark, which should provide enough space to stash shampoo and have a little wriggle room, but some homeowners might prefer a bigger area.

Where the glass will go

double walk in shower with white tiles

The majority of showers have at least two full-height walls. Modern and contemporary designs may only have one wall for plumbing. This means homeowners, whether they’re renovating or building a new home, will probably have the option to include glass walls in their shower design. Glass enclosures can instantly make a bathroom feel larger and more open. The effect can be more dramatic in smaller spaces.

Your tile choice

luxury grey walk in shower in modern bathroom

There are literally hundreds of options available for your wall tile design. This can include porcelain and ceramic, natural stones such as travertine and marble, or even glass and glass mosaics.

The type of shower floor your prefer

modern green and white bathroom with walk in shower

Slip resistance is usually top priority for homeowners of all ages. Low maintenance is also high on their wish list. The type of material you select will affect both of these factors. Textured porcelain and pebbles, for example, have enough grip to reduce slipping and falling. But they might need more maintenance because they require grout. Other types of shower bases, such as wood and acrylic, may require less maintenance, but not offer enough slip resistance to your liking. Weigh the pros and cons before you choose your shower floor.

Your ideal fixtures

hansgrohe chrome shower kit

It isn’t just about the style and finish of your fixtures, though these decisions matter. One of the most important things to work out is what kind of shower head, and how many, you’ll require.

Most showers have one shower head, while some have two or three. Some homeowners install rain heads to give their space an extra spa-like feel; others love the convenience of a handheld design. Consider the best option for your needs and lifestyle.

Storage options

modern black frame walk in shower

Do you prefer a built-in niche or wall-mounted shampoo corners? Built-in niches fit more seamlessly within your shower design and can offer more storage space. But they’re also more costly and require additional planning, such as knowing which wall you’re going to place them on. On the other hand, shampoo corners can save you money and don’t take up much space.

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