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6 Essential Features In A Well Designed Kitchen

When creating your new kitchen the layout is a top priority, however there are 6 essential details that shouldn't be over looked. Take a look at our list to ensure you have the perfect kitchen design.

Creative storage

Schuller kitchen storage cabinet with black rails

One of the most essential parts of your kitchen in order for it to be functional is the storage space. Make a list of your kitchen inventory and decide how much storage you need including what you would like to be on display and items you would rather be hidden. Keep in mind which items you use most days and keep these to hand in easy access storage. Remember you can use extra wall space for rail storage if you don't have space for more cupboards.

Efficient appliances

black AEG oven appliances built into kitchen cabinets

The appliances you choose will depend on the size of your kitchen, lifestyle and budget. If you entertain guests frequently it makes sense to have a large oven and dishwasher for dinner parties. If you're room is small there are specially designed appliances that can help save space such as an integrated extractor fan. When considering appliances, the most important factor to consider if your lifestyle and how well used these appliances will be in your home.

A stylish, suitable worktop

luxury black kitchen with white marble worktop

Your kitchen worktop will likely be the centrepiece of your room so should be stylish, practical and strong. Think about which areas will be used for food preparation and which areas for eating or cleaning. This will determine which type of material you require and therefore what style of worktop is available to you.

Top quality fittings

brushed brass kitchen basin mono

Don't forget about your kitchen fittings when making style decisions about your new kitchen. A standard kitchen can be uplifted by stylish handles or a bold brushed brass basin mono. It is worth while investing in your kitchen fittings as they be used the most and the better the quality the longer they will last. Add a pop of colour with your cabinet handles or even the storage rails on your wall.

Stylish splashback

white and gold kitchen splashback

The splashback you install behind your worksurface can change the style of your kitchen completely. Choosing a durable, easy to clean splashback enhances the benefits of protecting the walls. You could opt for a bright, contrasting glass splashback to add some colour into the room or match the splashback to the worktop for one continuous feature.

Contemporary lighting

large family kitchen design with dark worktops and blue chairs

Once you've planned your kitchen layout, it's important to plan the location of your lighting. Use a combination of small spotlights for functional areas of the kitchen and add dramatic pendant lights above an island or dining area for style and effect. Having more than one set of lighting allows you to control the mood of the room, for example you can use one set solely when eating to make the space cosy and inviting.

A sturdy yet stylish floor

traditional grey schuller kitchen with wooden flooring

Your new kitchen will receive a lot of the home's footfall traffic being one of the main social areas of the home, therefore it is important to invest in a high quality flooring. Whether you choose tiles or flooring you can add a new texture or style to your space with the flooring. Think about how your floor will fit in with the rest of your kitchen scheme but also how it will blend with the rest of the home.


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