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5 Tips for a Timeless Kitchen

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you can't decide what type of style to choose when remodeling a kitchen or you just can’t pick a favourite, choose something that will last for years. When it comes to stand the test of years, classic design style is the one that you need to choose.

Colours & Accessories

One of the easiest ideas to create a timeless kitchen is choosing pieces that are emblematic throughout the decades. Even if we are talking about choosing the paint colour or even the furniture, just stick with the classic ones. For example, use neutral paint that will go with everything and it will be very easy to combine. Secondly, choose time-tested materials like wooden cutting boards, copper pots and pans and classic silverware.

Mix Old & New

Balancing traditional and modern elements will make sure that your kitchen design won’t be described as vintage or it won’t be considered a a trendy vibe that will go out of style next year. This is an excellent way to ensure your kitchen will always be on trend.

Timeless Black

What about the classic staple black kitchen? You can never go wrong with it. What says classic and timeless more than a black and wood combination? Even if you are using it for two-toned kitchen cabinets, for the tiles or even for the accessories, it is just the perfect classic trend.

Contemporary Design Accents

Ensure your kitchen stays on trend with contemporary design accents. Choose cabinetry that won’t date by using neutral colours and textures. Adding a mixture of glass and closed cabinets gives you the best of both worlds.

Keep It Simple

The true secret to a timeless kitchen is keeping it simple. Stay away from bold colour, abstract materials and loud appliances. Instead opt for neutral colours, wooden cabinetry and hidden appliances. Change your more accessible features such as art, flowers and other accessories to keep your kitchen on trend every year.

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