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5 Stylish Freestanding Bathtubs For Your Bathroom Renovation

There are so many styles of freestanding bathtubs available now so our bathroom designer has put together a list of 7 stylish options to help you decide which is best for you.

Black freestanding bathtub

luxury black freestanding bathtub

Dramatic and stylish, a black freestanding bathtub is the perfect option for those looking to add some drama to their room. Pair this bathtub with matching matt black taps and fixings for a dark, mysterious space. These also look fantastic as statement pieces in a bright white bathroom to add contrast.

Victorian slipper bath

traditional slipper bathtub

Add a splash of traditional luxury to your space with a Victorian slipper bath. These bathtubs offer a sense of elegance and a comfortable bathing experience due to their large sides and additional space. The addition of chrome or brass clawfeet brings another element of style into your new bathroom.

Curved bathtubs

white curved freestanding bathtub in black bathroom

A beautiful curved bathtub gives you the benefit of privacy, style and practicality all in one. The sweeping lines of a luxurious curved bathtub create a new dimension in your room and are usually the focal point of the space.

Rectangular freestanding bathtubs

large luxury white freestanding bathtub

If you're transforming your bathroom into a minimal, modern space then a rectangular freestanding bathtub is the option for you. Taking a more clinical approach to luxury, the rectangle bathtub's clean lines create a less is more appeal.

Colourful freestanding bathtubs

pink freestanding bathtub in modern en-suite bathroom

Why not add a splash of colour to your room with a spectacular colourful bathtub. This can be an excellent way to add some character your space while keeping the walls and floors bright and neutral. If you're looking to add some wow factor to your bathroom this is without a doubt the bathtub for you.


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