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5 Smart Ideas For A Beautifully Organised Pantry

If you're looking to keep your new kitchen organised and be able to use it as a social space then a pantry is a must for you. A pantry allows you to keep everything organised and out of sight as well as allowing for extra workspace if required. We've compiled 5 of the smartest ideas for a beautifully organised kitchen pantry below.

Pull out crates

large Schüller kitchen pantry with storage

Pull-out crates and storage boxes allow you to store fruits and vegetables, bottles and packaging in a practical and stylish manner. Thanks to their authentic and natural look, the pull-outs made from oak are at the same time a beautiful design element in the kitchen and give the homogenous design of the fronts a lighter look.

Back of door organiser

back of door kitchen cupboard organiser for extra storage

Expand your organising possibilities and make use of unused room in your cupboards by adding some back of the door organiser storage. This is useful for your most used spices and condiments. Schüller organisers have clever guardrails so the items stay safely in place when opening and closing the door.

Wine storage

schuller kitchen wine storage

Those who dream of their own wine bar at home should choose the Schüller shelves with cross dividers. The inserts made from solid wood are perfect in order to store bottles and to take them out easily. This acts as a fabulous style piece as well as being very practical.

Drawer organisers

wooden kitchen drawer organiser

A must have for your new kitchen pantry - drawer organisers. The practical boxes of real wood are tailored precisely to the units are extremely versatile and highly flexible. They can be stacked and moved around, and accommodate every last item. There is still plenty of room for pots and pans in the gaps that are created between the Flex-Boxes. When it comes to organizing and sorting, Schüller Flex-Boxes are also immensely useful in wall units and tall units.

Open shelving

large Schüller kitchen pantry with wooden crate storage inserts and open shelving

As your pantry is out of sight you can have open shelving without worrying guests might see your cupboard contents. Open shelves allow you to store more and also get directly to the item you're looking for without having to raid around a dark cupboard.

Would you like to find out more about creating your own kitchen pantry? Request a design consultation with our talented kitchen designer today -


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