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Why is the latest wooden bathroom trend so popular?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Wood is one of the most authentic materials to add to your home, exuding warmth, texture and timeless style. Adding wood to the bathroom can bring a sense of natural sophistication to your space, whether it’s through the furniture choices you made, the flooring or by adding wood accessories to your counter space.

wooden feature wall in modern bathroom
Create a space that’s effortlessly ‘luxe’

Natural Colours & Tones

The Scandinavian look is becoming more popular in bathrooms due to the more neutral colour tones such as light and golden oaks, antique whites, and light greys. It's easy to incorporate wood into light colours and this keeps your bathroom fresh and warm.

Wooden feature wall in white bathroom
Add a wooden feature wall

Wood Adds Texture

Wood adds texture and helps to further enhance a rustic, scandi-style country vibe. Weather it's wood on the wall, on the furniture or on the floor - the warm tones and textures will add character to your new bathroom. Opting for wooden duckboards instead of bathmats and using wicker storage baskets and drawers can help to complement the theme even further.

modern white bathroom with wooden furniture
Give your bathroom space the character you desire

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