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Which Bathroom Basin Should I Choose?

Are you looking for an on-trend wash space in your new bathroom? If you're searching for practicality and style then take a look at our comprehensive bathroom basin buying guide for inspiration and information on which basin type is right for you.

Countertop basins

utopia black sit on countertop basin with brushed brass taps

Countertop basins are the perfect choice for adding contemporary, chic style into any bathroom. They are available in a range of shapes from simple round bowls to more elaborate shapes to make a real statement in your bathroom. Countertop basins look effortless and add a burst of style to any design.

Semi recessed basins

vitra semi recessed basin on vanity unit

Semi recessed basins are the perfect way to add classic style to any new bathroom. This type of basin is designed to sit partially in the countertop with the front exposed. These basins are the perfect companion for a run of built in furniture. This basin also gives you the added benefit of storage in the bathroom cabinet underneath.

Vanity unit basins

wooden wall hung vanity unit with white basin

If you're looking to maximise storage space within your bathroom a vanity unit with built in basin is your best option. This clever design allows you to combine your basin with plenty of storage underneath for toiletries or cleaning products. Vanity units come in a huge variety of shapes and styles with white or black basins to match any bathroom design and style.

Corner basins

corner basin in small cloakroom bathroom

If you have a small bathroom or cloakroom then you may want to opt for a small corner basin. This style of basin is wall mounted and helps make use of what would otherwise be wasted space. Combine a stylish basin with a space saving technique to make the most of the space you have available.

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