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Kitchen Storage Solutions For Your New Kitchen

Updated: Jun 17

Looking for new storage solutions for your new kitchen design? Look no further! We have compiled our top 5 storage solutions to give you more space in your kitchen.

german schuller luxury kitchen with storage pantry
Luxury Schüller kitchen design with pantry storage

Pull Out Larder Unit

A tall pull out larder unit is a great addition to any kitchen to expand storage space without affecting your kitchen appearance. The larder allows cupboard storage to be maximised and effortless access to items stored at the back. They are easily added to most kitchen designs and are a great shelving alternative.

german schuller kitchen pull out larder unit for extra storage option
Schüller pull out larder unit

C-Slide Pull Out Storage

Schüller’s fantastic range of C-Slide storage will help you organise your kitchen so that everything’s neatly tucked away whilst remaining accessible. The swiveling pull-out units ensure everything’s within easy reach while allowing for copious amounts of storage. Ideal for pots, pans and large cooking utensils.

Schüller C-Slide pull out storage ideal for extra kitchen storage
Schüller C-Slide pull out storage

Pull Out Drawer With Wooden Plate Holder

Take advantage of your deep kitchen drawers to store plates and bowls using this Schüller wooden plate holder. No more struggling to access plates or bowls in the back of cupboards simply lift them from your pull out drawer. Large wooden pegs allow neat organisation and ensure the crockery is secured.

Schüller wooden plate holder kitchen design storage solution
Schüller wooden plate holder

Waste Sorting System

Even the process of taking out the garbage is a pleasure – the flexible bins help to store waste and recyclable materials. This way, everything is perfectly sorted and ready to take away.

Schüller 3-part waste sorting drawer storage solution for a luxury kitchen
Schüller 3-part waste sorting solution

Flex Box Drawer Storage

The practical boxes of real wood are tailored precisely to the units are extremely versatile and highly flexible. They can be stacked and moved around, and accommodate every last item. There is still plenty of room for pots and pans in the gaps that are created between the Flex-Boxes. When it comes to organizing and sorting, Flex-Boxes are also immensely useful in wall units and tall units.

Schüller kitchen drawer wooden flex box storage option
Schüller wooden flex box storage option

Book a design consultation with us today to find out how we can optimise storage in your new kitchen.


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