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Is A Kitchen Island Right For Me?

Dreaming of a kitchen with an island?

We get it. Over the last few years, they’ve become a staple of the modern home. A trend that has been seen all over the world. And although it may seem like a pipedream, for more and more people, a kitchen island is becoming a reality. So, if you’ve been pondering the idea, now could be the time to get one for yourself.

Size of the room

The most important thing to consider when thinking about installing a kitchen island is the size of the room. You have probably seen many kitchen islands in larger kitchens, where they close up unnecessary floor space by creating a useful centrepiece.

It is usually the case that kitchen islands work better in larger rooms, but with islands, it’s far from a “one size fits all” approach. In fact, we have seen many smaller kitchens successfully add a kitchen island to their design. So, if your room is on the small side and you feel an island may be out of the equation, don’t immediately rule it out.

Island intentions

It is all well and good having a vision of a kitchen island, but do you know what you are going to do with it? The beauty of an island is that it is versatile, and can be used in many ways, as you see fit! One way could be using it as a place to eat, bringing the household together instead of a dining table. You could also incorporate kitchen cupboards in your island as an extra storage option to make your kitchen as efficient as possible, which is especially useful with a busy household!

Modern kitchen islands also incorporate appliances such as wine coolers, ovens, or hobs to provide more space on existing worktops. Nowadays, the choice is well and truly yours as to what you want to achieve with your island!

Would you like some more information on how you could incorporate a kitchen island in your home? If so, be sure to contact our expert kitchen designers today.

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