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How to Plan for a Bathroom Renovation

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Are you ready to transform your bathroom? Ask yourself these questions to make sure you end up with a bathroom you love!

modern simplistic bathroom design with black freestanding bathtub
Design your bathroom around your needs

What do I want in the bathroom from a functional perspective?

Think through the key elements of a bathroom and which ones you require for your style of living. Do you have a family so a large bathtub for the children is ideal? Or are you not bothered by a bathtub if you have a fantastic shower? Is it essential to have lots of storage space for towels or is it just a display area for your best products?

luxury bathroom design with freestanding white bathtub
Choose the items that make you feel good in your space

How do I want it to look?

Function is crucial, of course, but how you want your bathroom to make you feel is also important. Think about whether you want it to be a relaxing space or a quick shower zone, and the look you’re aiming for, whether modern or traditional. Try making a moodboard of styles, materials and colours, so you can get a feel of what works for you as a whole, and to make it easier to convey your vision to your designer. Our bathroom designers can help you with tiles, floor coverings, colours and fixtures if you need any inspiration.

black and white modern bathroom design with glass panels and black vanity unit
Your bathroom should reflect your style

Should I change the layout of my bathroom?

Changing the entire layout of your bathroom can seem daunting however it may free up so much extra space or allow you that freestanding bathtub you've always dreamed of so it's worth exploring the options. Moving elements could improve the flow and functionality of your bathroom. Perhaps moving your bath to under the window would allow more natural light into the room or using the space of a formally boxed in wall could allow for a shower area.

bright white bathroom with freestanding bathtub and modern wooden vanity unit
Create a moodboard to showcase your ideas to our designer

What kind of lighting is best in a bathroom?

Bathroom lights can make a huge difference to a bathroom design. Small spotlights are very popular and are a great, safe feature to a bathroom ceiling. Think about using accessories to create light such as a light up smart mirror. It is important to consider your colour scheme when looking at bathroom lighting as colour temperature can impact a design - consider where you would like warm or cool lighting to compliment your colour scheme.

luxury modern black and white bathroom with smart mirror and ladder heater
Browse our showroom for design ideas - you might discover something you didn't know you liked!

What about storage?

It goes without saying that the key to keeping your new bathroom smart is good storage, so think about what you’d like to keep in there – linens and towels or just toiletries? Consider a free standing vanity unit to save on floor space or building in a small cupboard with heating fro your towels. Our bathroom designers are experts in finding extra space you might not see in your bathroom design so make sure to chat to them if storage space is important to you!

modern green and black bathroom with floating vanity unit and black bathtub
Add a splash of colour to your bathroom

Weather it's a large family bathroom or a small on-suite our bathroom designers have all the answers! Pop into our showroom or request a design consultation online today.


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