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How To Maximise Space In A Small Kitchen

If you are limited on space for your new kitchen it is essential to plan a functional kitchen that maximises the space you have and includes enough storage. It is also important not to sacrifice style because of space limitations. Take a look at our top tips below to maximise your kitchen space.

Get the right layout

light pink Schuller kitchen with rail storage system

Getting the right layout is one of the most important steps to making the most of space in your new kitchen. By having an in depth conversation with our designer you will be able to decide what you definitely need for your kitchen and what you do not need. Your designer will ensure you have enough storage by including wall hung solutions if necessary and generous worktop space for prepping and cooking. It is important to chat in great detail about your lifestyle and what you will require day-to-day so you can prioritise storage, seating and appliances.

Keep it light and bright

bright white Schuller kitchen design

Colour can have a great effect on how big or small a kitchen looks and feels, light colours are typically best for smaller, enclosed kitchens to keep it light and bright. This doesn't mean to say you can't add a burst of colour in your choice of worktops, handles and decor. White is typically the best colour for reflecting lots of light and making a kitchen appear larger than it is.

Generous storage

Schuller kitchen pull out storage system

Plentiful storage is essential for small kitchens and careful planning is the key to getting this right and ensure your kitchen stays clutter free. Schuller offer a variety of excellent built in storage systems from C-Slide pull out storage as seen above to a waste storage system. Tall cabinets are a fantastic storage essential in a small kitchen as not only do they give you extra storage space but they make the kitchen look taller and therefore bigger. Free wall space can be equipped intelligently using Schuller's wall panel system to hang utensils, herbs or oils.

Don't overfill the space

wood and green kitchen design with black splashback

While shelves, hooks and wall storage are great, don't overuse them and cause your small kitchen to look cluttered and full. Too much on your surfaces will also distract from the beauty of your kitchen so ensure your designer incorporates plenty of hidden cabinet storage and drawer organisers. Keeping your small kitchen as minimalistic as possible will help give the illusion of more space.

If you would like to chat to our expert kitchen designer request an appointment today -

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