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How To Choose The Perfect Shower Head?

Your shower is one appliance in your home that you use daily and is therefore one of the most important. The shower head is not only a key design detail, but also one that must function well and align well with the theme of your bathroom. We've put together a guide for you to help choose which shower head it best for you.

Rainfall shower head

Hansgrohe chrome rainfall shower head.

Rainfall shower heads are considered the ultimate luxury showering experience. These large shower heads are designed to recreate the sensation of rainfall for an relaxing showering experience. Rainfall showers tend to be fixed to the wall or ceiling directly overhead. The large surface area of a rainfall shower head distributes water evenly which is considered soothing and relaxing. As rainfall showers are considered luxurious this may also make your home more appealing to buyers. However, rainfall shower heads do require a larger space to operate, meaning they are usually unsuitable for smaller bathrooms.

Concealed shower head

Hansgrohe chrome concealed shower head in modern bathroom.

A concealed shower head recreates that same waterfall effect while appearing to fall straight from the ceiling. They are remarkably stylish as they sit flush with the ceiling and are practically unnoticeable. The main benefit of a concealed shower head is the clean, aesthetic appearance of your shower space. Similarly to a rainfall shower, it also provides a relaxing, luxurious shower experience. However, ceiling mounted shower heads do not have the variety of spray patterns that handheld shower heads may have.

Aerating shower head

White Hansgrohe handheld shower head.

An aerated shower head mixes air and water to recreate the feeling of increased water pressure creating a powerful showering experience. Aerating shower heads are great for reducing water use while maintaining a strong water pressure, making your shower both enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

Fixed shower head

Modern chrome fixed shower head.

This standard shower set up usually features a round or square shower head that is attached directly to the shower wall. A fixed head gives you a clean, uncluttered style that suits both classic and contemporary bathrooms. Fixed heads are available in a range of sizes so suitable for most bathrooms. However, fixed shower heads leave no room for manoeuvre, which can be especially difficult for families with young children. Similarly to rainfall and concealed shower heads they usually only offer one spray setting.

Dual shower head

Large modern bathroom with walk in shower and chrome showerpipe.

The best of both worlds is the dual shower or combined shower which consists of a handheld showerhead and a fixed shower head. Both of these heads are connected to the same showering valve. These are a very flexible option and are particularly practical for families with young children allowing you the luxury of relaxed showering and also a movable head with several spray settings.

We have over 10 different combinations of working shower heads available to try in our showroom in Stirling. Visit us today to help find your perfect shower head.

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