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Featured Kitchen - November Edition

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

People who want to enjoy life with their loved ones at the highest level rightly impose rigorous requirements on the appropriate ambiance. This Elba Schüller kitchen meets these requirements in all respects.

Indian red matt velvet schuller kitchen island
Indian red matt velvet

The Indian red matt velvet colour brings warmth to this modern kitchen. By grounding the red with warm wood tones and contrasting it with a rich grey, this kitchen has become luxurious yet understated.

Red Elba Schuller kitchen design with large centered island and grey cabinets
A meticulously planned and handcrafted space

Prepared dishes can be staged just as stylishly on the generously dimensioned cooking island with breakfast bar. Ideal for morning coffee or entertaining guests. The large storage cupboards allow appliances and crockery to be stored away and leave your new kitchen always looking new.

Grey kitchen wall with on wall storage
Precisely tailored to your tastes and requirements

The storage options in this kitchen are endless. The recess panel with oak elements provides additional storage space; it is visually appealing and provides quick access to kitchen aids.

If you would like to know more about the Elba Schüller kitchen book a design consultation with our kitchen designer today -

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