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Working in the kitchen becomes a truly enjoyable experience when the cupboards are the right height, everything is within reach or not too far away, and all important utensils can be accessed quickly and easily. In a word: when the kitchen is planned in such a way that it is pleasant to work in and doesn’t cause you any aches and pains.

Carcase Heights


The carcase height provides the basis for planning individually tailored kitchens. We offer you a choice between three different heights. Combined with different plinth heights and worktop thicknesses, an optimum solution can be found to any issues with structural conditions or room situations. And of course the kitchen can be adapted to the height of the user.

The 71.5 cm carcase height is the classic standard height and moreover has the advantage that it can be installed just about anywhere. This height is perfect for old buildings with a sill height of 86 cm. The ergonomic aspect here is that an optimum working height is achieved for those who are a little shorter.


The 78 cm carcase height provides a flexible height grid for multiple kitchen uses. This combines practicality with ergonomics for just about any application. Furthermore, this height is perfect for modern builds with a higher sill height of approx. 100 cm.

If exclusivity, innovative solutions and a special homely feel are what you are after, thanks to its cubic appearance, our extra-high 84.5 cm carcase is perfect for open-plan designs and flowing transitions between the kitchen and living area. It can be customised further in combination with low plinth heights. A great bonus: more storage space. What’s more, the higher working height is great for taller people.


Carcase Depths


More storage space thanks to different cupboard depths – maximum flexibility for even larger plates or bulky kitchen utensils, enabling them to be easily tidied away.

Wall units


As far as wall units are concerned, the standard depth is 35 cm. In selected wall-unit heights and widths, we optionally offer a depth of 56 cm for additional storage space.


Base units


Three carcase depths between 35 and 56 cm are available. The carcase height of 78 cm also gives you the option of a depth of 66 cm.


Tall units


Throughout the range of tall units you have the option of 35 to 56 cm cupboard depths. Please note: the 66 cm depth is not possible in the handleless models.

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