The kitchen is the centre of your home, it’s the place we all congregate to eat, socialise and relax. In the UK we’re rather fond of our kitchens and it’s said we spend 12% of our lives there – that’s 2.8 hours a day of cooking, washing up and making cuppas!

 That’s why at Bathroom and Kitchen Planet, we appreciate designing and purchasing your new kitchen is important.  Your kitchen needs to reflect the way you live and your style, whilst making the most of the space – giving you everything you need, every day.

 Our team of professional and creative designers will be on hand to help and advise you every step of the way, making your dream kitchen a reality.  

We offer our customers a complete service including design and installation of your new kitchen.  To give you some inspiration, below we have arranged kitchens into Shaker, Modern and Traditional styles – each designed and built with quality and timeless style.